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Tips To Increase Your Facebook Fans without Spending A Hundred Dollars

If you are a new business and you have only just started using social media marketing to get the traction that you need for your business account, you will most certainly not have a big budget on your hands.  However, it is possible to market your brand and increase your number of fans on the platform without having to spend so much money. Increasing the numbers of people who have followed your account is important and can really help a new business so here are a few ways you can do this.

Become a Guest Curator for Other Brand Accounts

Finding ways in which you can curate content for other brands is a great way to get your brand introduced to more people and spread the word through networking. You will get the chance to interact with people who are in the same industry as you and you will be able to increase the visibility and reach of your business on social media. Look for accounts that are similar to yours and see what kind of work they have been putting out. Because both your business are conducting the same kind of work you will have really important information to share with their clients as well. Therefore you can offer to curate some content on a weekly basis if they are able to give you credit on their brand account. Make a list of all the brands that you are willing to work with and on the first page of this list needs to be brands that are very complementary to yours.

Make Use of Promotional Swapping

Promotional swapping is a concept that is a little tricky and something many businesses do not follow but the truth is that if carried out properly, both parties can highly benefit from it. What you need to do is start off by researching brands on Facebook that are like yours or in other words, working in the same field. Now while you are competitors, there is nothing wrong in healthy competition that has a win-win situation for the both of you. When you find such businesses, talk to them about promotional swapping where you will mention their brand if they can mention yours in return. Once you come to an agreement, start sharing the promotional posts and see how the response is. Keep track of it from both ends so that you know which partners are the best for you to work with when going forward. It is best however, to start this method if both you and the other brand have around 3000 to 4000 likes each on your accounts.

Conduct Q&A on Facebook

You can invite experts in your industry to answer some questions you put up on your account and then get users to ask them questions as well. The whole process can be carried out online which will make it easier for everybody. You can ask the experts to come for the session once they have agreed to promote that particular event on Facebook and any other social media networks that you may be using for your business.

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