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Tips for assisting your child’s education in Singapore

Today, the competition among the children for education has drastically increased, not only among the children but among the parents too, because every parent wants to see their kids doing the best and for this they would go beyond their capabilities to provide the best education.Apart from school, a child’s education can be supported by supplementary classes depending on what your child is struggling with and which subjects they are weak on. In Singapore, there are various group and private tuition facilities that are offered to fit your youngster’s unique requirements and your budget and discussed in this article are three such options that you can chose from.

Group Tuition

This is the most trending and well-known method for supplementary classes. Many parents go looking for well recognized tuition centres and centres that are recommended by close family and friends.  This is one of the best options that parents can select for their children. This type of tuition is usually available in tuition centres and the sessions are categorized according to the subject and education level. The size of the group classes may differ from place to place, it can be a handful or even larger than a school classroom and larger group classes would usually not cost you much.

This kind of tuition works well if there is a good tutor that is capable of focusing on each student’s need in an interactive manner and parents must to do their own research to find the best group class that will meet their expectations to help in their child’s education.

Private Group Tuition

This is similar to group classes and these maybe held at booked classrooms, at either a student’s house or the tutor’s home. In this approach the tutor gets to interact with the parents and the students more often. As these private groups usually are for 2 to 8 students, the tutor has more time to focus on each of them, and depending on the children’s requirements they can change the dates of classes or have additional sessions. This type of tuition is best for subjects that need more focus and special attention such as mathematics and science, and blindly directing your child for popular maths tuition without first finding out more information about the tutor and their suitability to your little one’s requirement will not be effective.

One on One Tuition

The grasping capabilities of children vary greatly. Some might require a special level of attention and practice that cannot be experienced in a group class. One to one tuition involves a tutor specifically teaching one student to effectively meet their educational requirements. Here the tutor is able to really understand the pupil’s unique learning behaviours and customize their teaching methods to best suit the pupil.  These are also usually held at the student’s house or the tutors house, and are comparatively expensive than group classes and group private tuition.

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