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Reasons why Maths just might seem hard to learn

While there are many people who are able to easily solve just about any mathematical sum, even the most complicated ones, some find it extremely difficult to simply grasp this subject in the first place. So here are some reasons explaining this to overcome them once and for all.

Classroom student

Its either yes or its no

In this subject there is no in between. You are either right or you are wrong. And so, some times it might be frustrating when you aren’t able to understand it. You might come to the conclusion that the ideal solution for it all is to simply memorize everything. But just how much can you memorize. Sums in this subject vary a lot however they are all built on the same basics. Therefore to be able to understand this subject or even o level physicswhich also surrounds around Maths, you need to make an effort to learn the basics and understand the rules. Once you do so, this subject just might end up becoming your favorite one!

You could get it wrong even when you are right

This is basically the trickiest thing about Maths. When solving an equation, you may need to go through countless number of stages to deduce the
ultimate answer . Sometimes when going through these stages you might miss a decimal or two or misread the number for some reason or the other. And so, even though you figured out the right method to use and in fact did do it accurately till some point, the simple mistake made earlier could give you a final answer that is no where close to the accurate one. As a result of this many simply decide for themselves that they are bad at this subject, but it is rather untrue. That is why now, most teachers make sure that they add more marks for the method followed rather than the final answer.

You need to go through the stages

To be able to prove to your teacher that you solved the all by yourself and earn the marks given for the method, you need to go through each and every single working by yourself. simply providing the final answer is definitely not how this subject works. Therefore, it might seem hard in the process of deducing it, but this subject truly gives a chance for students to prove their own knowledge rather than riding the wave of high grades by copying their friend’s answers.

The ultimate thing about this subject is the method that is used. So focus on understand the method and the reason for using it rather than simply memorizing all formulas!

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