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People Who Helped Changed the Education as We Know it

Although, many of us stress about the importance of education we are not fully aware of the individuals who made the education system what it is today or those individuals who made educational paths more accessible to all those individuals around the world despite their economic conditions or the color of their skin. Thus, the following article will proceed to explore some of these iconic individuals who helped mold the educational system of the world.

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Salman Khan

Many individuals may know Salman Khan as an Indian actor but in this article we would not be focusing on this individual instead the Salman Khan that I’m talking about is an American individual that single- handedly changed the educational technology path of the future. This is because he invented the Khan Academy which is a free online learning tool that any individual anywhere in the world can access if they have an internet connection. Furthermore, this learning tool teaches a variety of subjects whether it be English, Mathematics, or even science and contains over 4000 lessons. Moreover, his contribution thus earned him the TIME magazine’s title of being one of the ‘100 Most Influential People in the World’ in the year 2014.

Bill Gates

Even though he is not an educator his contribution to modern education has been countless. Apart from donating billions in order to introduce more technology into the American Classroom he also donated billions and is an outspoken supporter of the Common Core initiative.

David Coleman

Although, David Coleman may not be a common household name the SATs examination is especially in American households. But, many individuals may not have been aware that it was David Coleman who re-organized the SATs in order to increase the possible points from 1600 to 2400. Furthermore, he is still the President of the College Board which is responsible for the creation and distribution of the SAT examinations.

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Linda Darling – Hammond

She is an outspoken supporter that teachers have the power to change the education provided to students and that this power is not in the hands of government organizations. Furthermore, she also modified the teacher education programs in order to allow teachers more opportunities to work with students of various socioeconomic backgrounds.

What one may understand from the aforementioned list is that even though many of these individuals are not educators in the true sense of the word and may have not even stepped into a classroom as a teacher they have single- handedly managed to change the world of education for millions and billions of students all around the world.

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