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People Who Changed the African American Civil Rights Movement

When one talks about the Civil Rights Movement the first name that would come into any individual’s mind is Martin Luther King Jr. While he contributed significantly towards this movement one should not fail to consider the other individuals who also fought to give the African Americans the rights they enjoy today, the individuals who contributed towards America one day having an African American President. Thus, in order to educate the readers, the following article will focus not on Martin Luther King Jr. but on the other individuals who also contributed significantly towards this movement.

Rosa Parks

She is known as the mother of the civil right movement because one day she refused to give up her seat for a white person when she was traveling on a segregated bus in Montgomery. Her refusal thus lead to her arrest. However, when the news of her arrest spread Marin Luther King Jr. encouraged supporters of the civil rights movement to boycott Montgomery buses. This boycott was a success because over 17,000 residents boycotted these buses for over a year. Hence, this, therefore, encouraged the Supreme Court to intervene and claim that the segregation in buses is unconstitutional. Thus, Rosa Park’s refusal lead to a significant change within the American Racist System.

Civil Rights

James L. Farmer Jr.

There may not be any individual who has not heard of the Freedom rides where black citizen rode interstate buses into segregated areas as a show of protest against segregation transport system. These rides ultimately lead to the abolition of segregated interstate travel in the entire United States. But, many individuals may not have been aware that these freedom rides were organized and executed by James L. Farmer Jr.

  1. Philip Randolph

In a time where black citizen’s rights were considered to be inconsequential,A.Phillip Randolph managed to organize the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters which was the first black labor union to exist in the United States. Furthermore, he also contributed significantly towards the civil rights movements and the labor movement.

Civil Rights

Dorothy Height

She was considered by former President Barak Obama to be the godmother of the civil rights movement because apart from being the president of the National Council of Negro Women for 40 years she also established the Center for Racial Justice. Furthermore, she even helped organize the infamous march where Marin Luther King Jr. delivered his ‘I have a dream’ speech.

In a time were African Americans suffered unmentionable abuse for contributing to the civil rights movement these individuals managed to change the world for the future generations despite the risks and threats they suffered.

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