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How to Motivate Students to Read for Pleasure

As a teacher, you realize the importance of reading not only for its educational benefits but because reading helps children to expand their horizons, to place themselves in other people’s shoes and ultimately help them to grow up into well- rounded individuals. However, even though you may have grown up with a love for reading you may have realized that many of your students do not possess the same love. It is true that they read during class but this is mainly because they are forced to do so. Hence, in this article, we will attempt to help teachers encourage their children to read not only for academic purposes but for pleasure.


Reading Challenges

Every student loves to compete with their peers therefore why don’t use their love for competition and use it to cultivate a love of reading. Furthermore, there are variety of reading competitions that one can create for instance one can create a list of books containing both fiction and non- fiction and tell the students that the individuals who read the most number of books from this list by the end of the year would receive a medal or some other form of incentive. Another challenge that can be aimed at older students is to create a list of 15 books and ask them to read all these 15 before they turn 15.

Use Technology

We live in a world where we are surrounded by technology where many students would prefer to be on their computers or phones without holding a physical book and reading it. While this may anger many teachers one needs to understand that this is the student’s way of the world. Thus, without discouraging them from utilizing this technology one can instead introduce them to the world of ebooks. This would motivate many individuals to read because unlike physical books ebooks cost less and one can read them anywhere they like and they would always have access to these books because they would be saved on their phones or laptops.


Share Your Reading Experience

Allow your students the opportunity to realize how much of an avid reader you are by telling them what you are currently reading; what your favourite sections are etc. Furthermore, encourage them to recommend a book to you and return the favour in order to let them know that they can come to you at any time in order to discuss books or character or even to borrow books from you.

We understand that it may not be easy to encourage students to read but you should also be patient with them and utilize the aforementioned tips to ease the process.

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